Next Day Parcel Delivery

Next Day Service

International Courier Logistics Company work in partnership with the APC, the UK's largest independent overnight parcel carrier, with more depots nation wide than any other overnight carrier.

A Partnership that has been going since 2003. Together L.C.S. and APC is one of the most reliable, secure and cost effective overnight parcel delivery companies in the UK. With over 125 local depots, APC offers unrivalled national coverage and with 99.8% of on-time parcel deliveries being made on time no other overnight delivery service comes close.

We pride ourselves on consistently high levels of on-time parcel deliveries and share these impressive statistics with our customers right here on our website. We continue to strive to achieve 100% every week; we monitor and test our overnight parcel delivery service level regularly to ensure these high standards are met


Charging & Volumetric Weight

L.C.S. charges by either the gross or volumetric weight, whichever is the greater. The chargeable weight of the consignment is the aggregate total of each individual package rounded up to the nearest kg.

Where the volume of any single parcel exceeds 6000 cubic centimetres per kilo, volumetric weight will be applied.

How to Calculate Volumetric Weight

Volumetric Weight is calculated using the formula below:

Multiply each dimension, Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) then divided by 6000, this will give the equivalent volumetric weight in kg.

For Example:

60 x 60 x 60 = 216000

216000 / 6000 = 36 kg

It is recomended that you calculate the volumetric weight for every parcel that you send then compare this to the actual weight. The greater weight of the two is used to calculate the price that we charge you

Standard Next Day Service

  • Guarenteed delivery by 16.30 (subject to service restrictions in Scotland) next working day
  • Saturday delivery service
  • Carriage forward and reverse logistcs
  • Collection on delivery
  • Online booking and track & trace
  • Automated POD service
  • Full goods in transit liablilty available to account clients
  • Industry highest , 99.8%, next day success rate
  • Safe, Secure and 100% Dependable

Timed Next Day


  • Delivery options include before 07.30 before 09.00, before 10.00 and before 12.00 guarenteed delivery*
  • Pre-determind two hour delivery window*

* Location dependent please check with our service personal at time of booking.


Limited Quantities (Hazardous Goods) Service

L.C.S. have introduced a Limited Quantities Hazardous Goods Service. The new service is called LQ (Limited Quantities), and will enable you to send limited quantities of hazardous material on our Next Day service. Please check our LQ policy Statement for full details of restrictions.

There are some restrictions on this service which are detailed below:

Prohibited Goods

Class 1 Explosives -

ALL CLASS - even low hazard sub groups e.g. 1.4S 1.4G

Class 7 Radioactive -


Class 8- Corrosive

UN 2794, Batteries wet filled with acid
UN2795 Batteries wet filled with Alkali

Class 9 - Miscellaneous

Asbestos UN 2212 & UN2590

Booking Process

There are some specific procedures that must be followed when booking these items.

When booking online (Netdespatch)  you must select the correct LQ service (LQ16, LQ12, LQ10 or LQ09) and always tick the Fragile box. (Fig 1)


When using the manual manifest booking system you must write LQ in the Special Instructions field on the manifest (Fig 2)



For packing details and labelling information click on the URL below:

Limited Quantities Policy

Failure to comply with these regulations will result in the consignment being held and returned to the consignor on an appropriate licensed transport service; non compliance may also result in a fine of up to Two Thousand Pounds in addition to cost of specialist return

Should you require any further information please dont hesitate in contacting our Overnight Service Manager at our HQ on (Number On Request)