Immediate response express courier services

International Parcel Delivery, Courier and Freight Services

Timed / Next Day International Service - £800

Collect from our account customers and arrange door to door timed deliveries to a number of European destinations without incurring any additional premiums. or . Collect from our account customers and arrange door to door deliveries - next day - to any word-wide business centre.
Timed / Next Day International Service

Standard International Delivery - £600 & £500

Collect from our account customers and arrange for a door to door delivery to any world-wide destination either next day or within 4 working days dependent on the destination country and/or Customs clearance.
Standard International Delivery

Dedicated Vehicle

Collect from anywhere in the UK and deliver to European destinations in a dedicated vehicle i.e. not through a 3rd party or Network.
Dedicated Vehicle

Freight Services

Arrange for our account customers' pallets or heavier consignments to be collected and then delivered to any world-wide destination to agreed time-scales, dependent on mode of transport i.e. road, sea or air.
Freight Services


Charging & Volumetric Weight

Inetrenational consignments are charged by either the gross or volumetric weight, whichever is the greater. The chargeable weight of the consignment is the aggregate total of each individual package rounded up to the nearest 500 grams.

Where the volume of any single parcel exceeds 5000 cubic centimetres per kilo, volumetric weight will be applied.

How to Calculate Volumetric Weight

Volumetric Weight is calculated using the formula below:

Multiply each dimension, Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) then divide by 5000, this will give the equivalent volumetric weight in kg.

For Example:

A parcel with a dead weight of 20kg measuring 48cm x 48cm x 48cm

48 x 48 x 48 = 110592

110592 / 5000 = 22.5 kg

will be charged at the greater weight (22.5kg)

It is recomended that you calculate the volumetric weight for every parcel that you send then compare this to the actual weight. The greater weight of the two is used to calculate the price that we charge you.

All Exports and Imports (EORI Registration)

Recent changes in legislation dictate that all companies / commercial traders wishing to export or import goods from and to the UK must have EORIregistration. This is required by HM Customs as a prerequisit for business involved in the Importation or Export of all dutiable consignments outside the EU Community. For more information please click on the hyper-link above.

If you have any questions pleas call our International Department on (Number On Request) or click the hyper link above.