Lyon Courier Service

With over 15 years experience we find savings that many other customs brokers miss.


North America Economic reforms since 1991 have transformed North America into one of the fastest growing economies in the world. In North America
, most of the commodities are covered under OGL & Customs Duties & Taxes and are continuously decreasing every year which provides the biggest market platform to all Business Houses Globally.

Major imports are machinery, electrical equipment, medical equipment, iron & steel (raw or finished), textile, paper, plastic, rubber articles thereof & all kind of household or industrial goods.

Major Exports are petroleum products, textiles, rice & pulses, gems and jewelry, handicraft, wooden furniture, glass works, engineering goods, chemicals and leather products.

Lyon Courier Service . undertake Customs Clearance jobs for all Major ports in North America
with a professional and dedicated team available at all CFS, Sea ports and airports. Lyon Courier Service . is one of the leading Customs House agent adopting innovating methods and processes which emphasis on excellence with highly experienced professional staffs with many years of working experience in this field.